Services Offered

Angel Guidance

Each person has one or two Angels that are assigned to them at birth. Angels are not human, rather they are made of light and energy. Though they work with your loved ones on the other side, your Angels are not your friends or family. They are a separate team of helpers who are with you every second! Rachel will share their guidance with you and help you get to know them better! Rachel also works with the Archangels and elementals from different dimensions.

Past Life Information

Much of your life  right now is a response to who you were and what happened in past lifetimes. When helpful, your Angels will share your past life information to bring you peace and clarity.

Connecting with Loved Ones 

Working with the Angels, Rachel is able to help you connect with your friends and family on the other side, including animals.

Group Sessions

Gather your friends and family for a unique experience with Spirit! In this setting, participants sit together as Rachel reads for as many people as possible in the time frame allowed. It is possible that each person will get a reading, but you should talk that over with Rachel first. Pricing per person depends on the amount of people present and if you choose a one-hour or two-hour reading. All participants should be at least 18 years old. Group sessions are available on Zoom and work very well. Rachel travels for groups of six or more within 30 minutes of the Des Moines area.  For more information, reach out to Rachel. 


Rachel is comfortable talking about her gifts on the radio, TV, in front of live audiences, and on podcasts. To contact Rachel for a speaking engagement or an audience/gallery reading, visit the Contact page. 


Currently, Rachel teaches the following classes every few months:

Angel Communication Level One

Angel Communication Level Two

Angel Communication Level Three

Developing Your Spiritual Business

Discovering Your Past Lives

Safety and Survival for Empaths

How to Channel Spirit Workshop

For more information on these classes, visit here. 


Rachel is an ordained minister. If you are looking for a unique, spiritual wedding experience that is crafted just for you, Rachel can officiate your special day!

Soul Mates

Discover your soul mates and how you have known them in past lifetimes. Why have you chosen to be together again? What are you learning or healing? Rachel and the Angels can help you find out. 

Clearing Your Energy 

If you are reading this, you probably have some intuitive, empathic gifts. That's amazing! Sometimes the energy of other people can get stuck to us, and we end up feeling foggy, tired, anxious, depressed, or even ill. Rachel and the Angels can tell you if you have an energy build up and how to clear it easily. Rachel can also clear entities, portals and hauntings from homes and buildings. 

Divine Gifts

When you were created you were gifted with special traits, or Divine Gifts. Once you know what these gifts are, you can use them to create your best life.

Developing Your Intuition

Rachel is a natural-born intuitive who works daily to develop her intuition and gifts. She is able to work with you one-on-one or in a group setting to help you grow your intuitive self.

What Rachel's clients are saying...

Inspiring classes!

I’ve taken three classes with Rachel Corpus, Angel Communication I and II as well as Developing Your Spiritual Business.  This class was so empowering and so much fun! Rachel gave us useful information but mostly helped us all find our own path with each lesson. From envisioning what we had to offer to making our own step-by-step business plan, she covered everything. I also made great connections with some talented ladies. I can’t wait to take a 4th class (and more) from Rachel!

Tami , Ames Iowa

 I thank my Angels for guiding me to Rachel

I just completed my third course with Rachel, Building Your Spiritual Business. I felt stuck and overwhelmed with what I needed to do. Until now. After this class I have so much inspiration, direction and most important, the confidence I was lacking. I thank my Angels for guiding me to Rachel, she is amazing and I highly recommend her for any of her services! Thank you Rachel for all you do to help others, and the way you do! 

 Michelle, Wisconsin.

Since working with Rachel so many amazing blessings have been happening!

Rachel brings such amazing insight, connection, love and support to all she does. She is welcoming, warm and highly intuitive. I attended her Spiritual Business Class and she helped me realize I am and have been ready to launch my business! Since working with Rachel so many amazing blessings have been happening! I truly cannot thank her enough for her support, love, guidance and believing in our unique gifts. Thank you from my heart!

Jen, Iowa