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CW Iowa Live Interview

In this interview I talk about what it means to be an Angel Communicator the Divine flame that lives in all of us.  Thanks Jackie Schmillen, Lou Sipolt and crew at CW Iowa Live. Professionalism and kindness all around!

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Episode Description

Yes, we are Divine. We are living, loving, and eternal because we are made of God's love. We are meant to experience love, joy, happiness and...sickness? In this week's episode we will learn about how mental and physical illness fit into our Divinity. We will talk about the origins of illnesses, born from childhood or past trauma, old and current relationships, and our past lives. We'll talk about how we can give those around us tools to care for us, and how to deal with people in our lives that seem to always be sick. We will talk about the energy exchanged between you and those around you who are sick, how to keep yourself healthy, and how to get back on your feet after illness or tragedy.

Catch the latest podcast of YOU ARE DIVINE here:


Episode Description

In this premiere episode of YOU ARE DIVINE, host Rachel Corpus will talk about the concept of our Divinity. We are beautiful, complete souls on a journey of learning. This lifetime is a chapter in our soul's textbook and our body is our locker where we keep all of our "stuff". We will discover what the Universe has to say about why we are here, how to find happiness, and how to discern our life purpose. It's not all puppies and rainbows! Our Divinity, though perfect and holy, is messy and complicated...and wonderful.


Hosted by Rachel Corpus

Mondays at 11 CT on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

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