Talking with Spirit

There is more to our world than what we can see.


It is possible to break past life patterns. I did it, so I know. It saved my life. 

I am still here...and growing. 

The room began to fill with dust and smoke, almost as if it were rising from the floor and trying to capture me.

May 2, 2017

   In a past life I was a teacher in another country at another time. I was not married, although I knew my now husband in a different relationship. Along with many other women, I taught young children during the day and then went home to my parents at night, only leaving to go to the market or worship. I was sheltered and accompanied by my elders all the time. I did not know how to act in a time of crisis because I never had to think for myself. I lived in a place that was at war. One day our school was bombed. I saw the children that I loved killed, bloody, and calling out for help. I did what I could to help them, and then it was clear to me that I had to run and hide. There were men coming in the school with guns and I knew that I had to get out of there. I did what is now unthinkable to me in this lifetime: I left the children and hid in the balcony of the school auditorium. As I sat there, crouched down, the walls turned from blue to gray. Sunlight was blocked by clouds of smoke. The room began to fill with dust and smoke, almost as if it were rising from the floor and trying to capture me. I looked over the ledge of the balcony only once, seeing another explosion in the entry by the stage. I hid there for hours until there were no more voices, cries, gunshots, explosions, or frantic cries of parents. Under cover of night I ran back to my house. And then, I decided to never leave my house again. My brother went to the market.  I turned away from my God. I made myself forget that there were children going to school again that missed me as their teacher. I decided that I would live in solitude with my own thoughts as company. That's all I felt I deserved. This happened to me in my seventh year of teaching. In this lifetime, I had a physical and mental breakdown in my 7th year of teaching.  There were situations that contributed to this, for sure, but I also had a memory in my soul of my seventh year from that past life. Like the time before, I went into solitude, making myself forget that others needed me. This time, however, I listened to myself. I knew I would die if I continued on this path. I had children and a husband and they needed me. I had parents that deserved a daughter who chose life. I had a one-time reading with a medium who works in past lives and she filled in the blanks of what I knew from my past life story as a teacher. (It's still hard for me to read myself so I am thankful for the trusted medium I always go to.) As she spoke I recalled dreams and visions I had of that day throughout the years, including what my classroom looked like, my family, and the deep sadness that I wore every hour. I decided that I would break that karmic pattern. I would no longer let my past life patterns dictate my happiness or future. I went deep into my soul and found myself- not as Rachel, only, but as a soul. I remembered my Divine gifts that came from God when I was created. I am a teacher, a peacemaker, I speak up for others, I am gifted with children and animals, I am creative, I give love freely, and I am child of God. When I rediscovered myself I gained a blank slate to co-create my life with God and my team of spirit. I pulled myself from a place of nothing to a place of everything. Yes, I have, people to love, work that I love, respect, and the gift of asking what's next.  Thank you, past self, and thank you, God. 

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In Love, 


Happy Easter from Heaven

Here is what I know: our loved ones are present- every day and especially at special occasions...

April 15, 2017

    Grieving a loved one can be especially hard on the holidays.  It's your right to feel that loss and I encourage you to lean into it. It's part of your healing journey. Your loved ones have died, and they are missed. But here is what I know: our loved ones are present- every day and especially at special occasions. It doesn't mean that they are not in heaven. In fact, it's part of their heaven to be able to visit you and share in your life as much as they wish. Remembering them through stories, food they used to make, singing, and looking through old photos are perfect ways to honor them. Spending time thinking about them or speaking to them does not make them stuck here.  It helps them to feel like they are still part of your life and it helps you with your grieving process. 

   I love it when Spirit gives me a special memory, image, smell, or feeling that I can share with their loved ones- either from the past or something that has just happened. Spirit often will do this to validate that it's them and to show the living loved one that they still are here and loving us.  Often I share about a special picture in the house, a certain dish that was made, a specific object, song, family joke, or a conversation or event that just happened.  It is so beautiful to see someone's face light up when they hear about something specific and special to them that came from a loved one they so dearly miss. Then we get the opportunity to go deeper with questions and information that can be healing and life giving. 

   Tomorrow is Easter. We celebrate the return of Jesus from the grave.  Beliefs around the resurrection run from literal to symbolic to everything in between.  Whatever you believe, your beliefs are held in love and unconditional acceptance by God (and me). What we do know from this story is amazing things are possible.  Whatever you take from this Easter season, give love to the world ten times over in your thoughts, words, and actions. The world really needs love and acceptance, and Jesus was a great teacher on how to do that. Don't worry if you don't know any Bible stories or haven't been to church. You have everything you need to know already because Jesus places his teachings in your heart. Be still and ask him to show you. And then, without putting too many expectations on yourself, let the images, feelings, and words come to you. 

   Blessings to you today and always. If you would like to have a session with me, visit the contact page. If you are curious about what other people have to say about their time with me, click the reviews page.  Have a peaceful and renewing Easter. 

In Love, 


The nose knows!

Smells are powerful and Spirit uses them to communicate...

March 27, 2017


There is a stairway at my church that smells a certain way. The steps are covered in rubber and the smell of it instantly transports me to a similar stairway at college. The smell is not bad, but not pleasant, either. But it has power. In an instant I remember the days of walking up the steps to class, eager to see my friends and one of my favorite professors. Each Sunday I zoom back in that time and space when I walk up to the third floor at church. Smells are powerful and Spirit uses them to communicate. Have you ever smelled something that was obviously there but had no logical source? In my parent’s home I often smell a mix of old wood and cooking sauerkraut. It’s the smell the kitchen had when it’s previous owner, Ann, lived there. When I smell it I am sure to see or sense that Ann is nearby. Others from my Spirit family send a smell of lilacs (Great Grandma Reynolds), Vanderbilt perfume (my Grandma Walker), cigar smoke (My Grandpa Murphy), for example. Spirit sends something powerful to me so that I know it’s them. The nose knows! Love, Rachel

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Let me tell you...

A Loving Story About Spirit

March 9, 2017

     The picture at the bottom of the page fascinates me. It’s taken at the end of a musical I directed when I was a high school drama teacher. Not only can you see the audience standing to celebrate the students’ hard work, but you can see spirit! Look closely. Notice the MANY orbs in the photo. Each one of them is spirit- there to share in a standing ovation for a job well done! When we die we walk out of our body like it is a coat we no longer need. What’s left is our spirit, our soul, our essence. We exist, but no longer in a body. In this state we are able to continue to grow our souls in ways that we will not fully understand until we die and experience it for ourselves. We do know, however, that Spirit is still around us, celebrating our lives with us!  Spirit is always present.

      There was a woman in my life who shaped me significantly, though I only knew her for a few years of my childhood. Her name was Adrienne and she was a Ziegfield Follies girl.  (If you're not sure what that is, you should search it- totally worth the time.)  My parents bought the theater in the picture when I was four. They restored it from top to bottom and then offered live shows and movies for the next 15 years before they sold it and moved. Adrienne lived in the apartment above until her death. (We later lived there and I encountered Adrienne and her husband often). Adrienne sat in a special spot in the theater: back row, stage left, first seat on the aisle. She came to every performance dressed in her beautiful pink coat and matching gloves. And she loved me just as I was at that time: loud, busy, probably dirty, and all elbows. But she saw the lady I would become and treated me as such. One year she threw me a birthday party at the donut shop down the street, inviting all my friends with fancy invitations and allowing me to binge on donuts, chocolate milk, and string cheese. She was love, peace, and magic all in one. When she died I mourned her. We were connected in a deep way and I felt lost without her. About a month after her death we opened a show and I was in it. As I stood on the stage for a sound check I saw Adrienne sitting in her usual seat! As I squinted my eyes to see her, she lifted her hand and waved at me! I continued to see Adrienne in her seat at every show. I would put a box of popcorn or a purse in the seat so people would not sit there. When I couldn't do that Adrienne would sit in the balcony. Her smile was bright and she beamed with light that I knew was heavenly. I rarely go back to the theater but, when I do, Adrienne is there. It’s not the only time I connect with her, but the theater is our place. It’s where she shared her grace with me and showed me how a lady sits, eats, and dresses for the theater. As I write this, she is with me in her pink coat and gloves and she hugs me from behind. I am filled with warmth and energy of times past. In an instant I feel her courage, her joy as she performed, her love as she mothered, her love of cats, her love for me, and her laughter- her wonderful laughter. 

     I am thankful every day for this gift I have been given. It’s a gift because it was given to me by my God. I honor that gift by developing and sharing it. I get to experience souls who died, Angels, Jesus, Mother Mary, and others who step forward when I need them. I am blessed by Spirit in my own life and when I get to serve others through them. Until next time, Friends!

  In Love, Rachel Angels would surround me throughout my pregnancy with tiny, moving, sparkles of light...

March 17, 2017

         Friends, have you ever wondered what an Angel looks or sounds like? Or, better yet, have you ever wondered what your Angels look or sound like?  Our Angels love us so much that they will appear to us in a form that we can understand. For that reason, Angels may look and sound different to each person according to his or her beliefs and preconceived notions. My Angels, for example, appear to me as beautiful winged beings because of the pictures in my childhood Bible and my love of classical art. They appear to me in this way because this is the way I recognize them. In truth, our Angels are beings of brilliant, heavenly light without human form. They adopt a human form when needed so we will recognize them. And, in extreme situations, our Angels can even appear in modern day clothes to rescue us from a desperate situation.

     When you have a reading with me to meet your Angels I am able to see what they look like through the help of my own wonderful Angel team. I am able to tell you how many Angels you have, their names, and their specific roles in your life. They tell me specific pieces of information that will help you in many aspects of your life. They are not future tellers but will guide you in the right path.

     In truth, you don't need me or anyone else to help you connect to your Angels. You already possess everything you need to build a relationship with your Angel team.

Perhaps you can start by noticing. You may notice your Angels when they put a penny on the ground in your path, when an animal stops and looks you in the eye, when you see a feather in a place that doesn't make sense, or even seeing sparkles of light. When I was pregnant with my first child, my Angels would surround me throughout my pregnancy with tiny, moving, sparkles of light. It looked like I was surrounded by ten Fourth of July sparklers! Their energy would fill me with joy and peace, taking away my fears of childbirth. In my third pregnancy, which was not easy, my Angels would surround my belly with a ring or aura of white light (much like the one in the picture I chose for this blog entry). We have several pictures of me at that time, each capturing their beautiful light around my belly. I needed them a lot at that time and they encased me with their love and protection.

     In recent years I have been more proactive in my relationship with my Angels. I prayed for the ability to see them, talk to them, and hear them. Not only did they bless me with all of these things, but they allowed me the ability to see other people's Angels, too.

     If you want to connect to your Angels, talk to them. You can speak to them in your mind, out loud, or by writing in a journal. Ask them for anything, but please ask them. We are created with the gift of free will, so our Angels will not be able to help us unless we ask them to do so (except in some rare and extreme situations). You can never ask for too much. They are not limited to our time and energy. When you ask them for help they will love you more for asking and never tire from their work for you. You are worthy of this love and they are waiting to hear from you.

     You have the potential to learn how many Angels you have, their names, and even hear them. Just ask them and they will answer you. If you want help with this, I would be honored to introduce you to your Angels. You can visit the contact page to book a session.

In Love, Rachel

Let me tell you...

Living into my truth (a.k.a. Putting on my big girl pants)

March 1, 2017

         When I was a little girl we lived in this big, white, Victorian home. It was the first house in our town to have electricity and the people who built the house were prosperous. They had wonderful parties. I know that because each night I would hear them! As I lay in my mom’s bed each night I would hear (what I now know to be) a small string ensemble playing Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel. I could hear the movement of feet on the floor below me and lots and lots of talking and laughter. I knew the people celebrating were from another time, yet they were there having a party in our parlor! As I grew up it was normal for me to predict what people were about to say, when they would call or knock on the door, and I would see spirit: sometimes walking in the yard, in our house, watching a play in the theater my parents owned, at church, or in the cemetery down the street. Spirit was all around me. I would talk to God a lot and, probably because I was Catholic, I talked to my Angels. Hearing them answer was completely normal to me. I didn’t realize my experience with spirit was unique until I told some friends. They called me a witch, a weirdo and a freak. It wasn’t long before I began to shut down that side of me in an attempt to be “normal”.

There is a reason why I am living into my truth now and not before. Like others, a traumatic event in my life propelled me into a new phase of being. A little over a year ago my husband and I lost a baby. We moved from the shock of being pregnant (we thought we were done after having our three children), to the excitement of preparing for new life, to the devastation of knowing that our baby would not be coming. When I lost the baby I grieved deeply. It seemed like all of the other traumas I had suffered in my life came up again and were pouring out of me. I cursed God for the first time in my life. I felt alone, angry, ugly, and suicidal. I went to sleep and woke up in sadness. What I didn't know at that time was that my soul was making room for a different birth- my own. I was laboring. A new me was born. This rebirth gave me amplified gifts, a confidence that came from deep within me, a new (more real) relationship with God, my Angels, and spirit. And I gained a calmness that allows my mind to be quiet as spirit works through me.

Now that my secret is out I am dealing with what other people think. It’s scary because this is exactly what I was avoiding when I was growing up. To deny this part of me, however, would be like keeping one of my children secret. It is the best and most beautiful part of me. Though not everyone will see my gifts in that light, I know I am protected and loved by God and Spirit. What are your gifts? Are you keeping them under a bushel for fear of judgement? If you are, I hold you in that space because I know it, too. May God’s love and acceptance surround you and give you strength. You are made of goodness and your growth is protected by God and her many helpers. In love, Rachel.