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Spiritual Teacher

Located in Unity Center of Des Moines

414 31st Street

Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Sessions by appointment. 

Visit the Contact Page to book your session. 

Please Note:

Due to Covid-19, all sessions are given over the phone or on Zoom. Thank you for your understanding.



I am beginning a new podcast called Angel Talk on Mind Body Spirit FM. 

If you would like to have an on-air reading, contact me here

Covid-19 Update

Dear Ones, It is important at this time that we stay home to keep ourselves and others healthy. Until further notice, all sessions will be offered over the phone or video call using Zoom. I know that in-person sessions are special. I can assure you that remote sessions are equally accurate and healing, so give it a try! This allows me to help you when you need it while earning the income I need to support my family!  If you prefer to wait until we can meet in person I support you in that decision. Stay safe and healthy, and know that you are never alone. Your Angels and family on the other side are aware of your life and are doing everything they can to keep you safe. Much love, Rachel

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My Story

(Well....most of it)

       I am asked all the time when I knew I had the ability to communicate with Spirit. People also want to know how long I have been using this gift to help people. This recording is from the Des Moines Register's Storytellers Project, recorded at Hoyt Sherman Place on Oct. 29, 2019.  

     In this 12 minute video, I tell about what it was like to be a psychic child, navigating the pre-teen years as an intuitive, how I told Spirit to go away, and eventually how I embraced this weird, wonderful and holy life! 

Thank you for watching! 


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Ap​pearances and Events:

All in-person appearances are suspended until further notice. Stay tuned for information about my new TV show and podcast beginning later this summer! 

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Getting married? I would love to officiate your special day. Click the weddings tab for more information.

Welcome, Fellow Seekers!

Are you ready to meet your best self? Have you felt stuck and want to uncover how you can begin to create your best life? Would you like to connect with your Angels, Guides or loved ones who have crossed over? If so, let's meet!

$10.00 off readings scheduled before February 26 (redeemable through April 2, 2017).

About Rachel

Ever since I was a child I could see light beings: Angels, the Holy Spirit, and loving spirits who had crossed over. I continue to live into this calling in my life and I love discovering truths about our Divine selves, our Creator, and the Universe. I am a God/Jesus person, but you don't have to be. I welcome all spiritual backgrounds, even if you haven't defined yours yet or if you don't have one at all. We are all one in love. I accept you. I honor you.

I have devoted my life to teaching people, raising children, and sharing love whenever I can. I have three children on earth, a very supportive husband, and three funny cats. I have migraines and depression and have devoted a lot of my work to helping people discover the spiritual roots of their pain.

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Past Lives and Divine Gifts

I know it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea that our souls have lived in other times and places before. Many of us were raised to believe that past lives were not possible. I was raised Catholic, so past lives were not part of my theology growing up.  And yet I would meet people and be given flashes of who they were and what "soul-stuff" they brought into this lifetime. I remember asking Jesus, "What's the deal with this past life stuff? I am being told it's not possible but I keep seeing that it is."  This is what I heard from (or channeled from) Jesus:

Lamb, you are created with one intention: to give and receive love. Additionally God has given each person three gifts that help them grow and serve the universe. Rachel, you have experienced an example of these gifts through one of your favorite Bible stories, the gifts of the Magi. All souls receive gifts, just as the Magi presented gifts after my birth. It is not possible to live into these gifts in one lifetime. When people leave their bodies and come to Heaven they debrief their learning and decide how they will continue to grow and learn. Some learning can only happen on earth. Some learning doesn't exist in Heaven, like hunger, jealousy, death, and hate. In order to experience those learnings a soul must live in a body. And you are given the choice to reincarnate as much as it serves you and the greater good.

If you're open to it, I will help you uncover your very own Divine Gifts, who you have been, what choices you have made, what patterns you are repeating, who your loves ones were to you in the past, and (most importantly) how you can use this information to create a better life for yourself. Stay open to the possibility that there is more to learn.

$60.00 per hour

Angels Around You

Angels are all around us. Your own Angels have been with you since before you were born and continue to love you unconditionally with every breath you take. Utilizing my team of Angels, who call themselves "The Collective," I will help you meet your  very own Angels, help you communicate with them, and discover how they are making themselves present in your life. 

$60.00 per hour

Connecting to those who have died and grief processing

Losing someone we love is hard.  It can be comforting to know that the energy that made them who they were when they were alive is still present. Connecting with people who have passed can give us clarity, answer questions about their death and crossing, and can help us with our grieving. If you would like to connect to someone you have lost as a means of help and healing, I would be honored to help you. 

$60.00 per hour

Oracle Card Readings

If you have never had an Oracle card reading, I highly suggest you have one. Using a deck of Oracle cards, I connect to your Angels to give you insight on what's been happening in your life, what to do next, and your life purpose. 

$60.00 per hour

Clearing spaces and claiming safety

If we claim light we can also claim the dark. We live in duality.  Duality helps us recognize the light within and around us, as well as respect the darkness that leads us to that light. Sometimes our duality is out of balance and we need help. Perhaps

this has manifested as a negative entity or presence in your life, or it's
caused you to feel ungrounded in your relationships. Using holy words, icons, sage, and channeling the Holy Spirit I can help you clear your home or your own energy. I can help you declare boundaries for your life that will preserve your energy and lead you to deeper happiness.

$60.00 per hour

Group Readings

Group readings are a great opportunity to connect to Spirit alongside your friends and family! In person only.

Cost will vary and is created on a case by case basis.


I LOVE to give readings in an audience, or gallery, setting. Audience readings are ideal for company parties, large family gatherings, holiday parties, and more! We laugh, cry and leave feeling hopeful and healed. Pricing depends on the amount of people in attendance and the amount of time booked (one or two hours).

Cost will vary and is created on a case by case basis.