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Angel Communicator, Psychic Medium, Minister, and Podcast Artist

Sessions are offered by appointment. To request a session from Rachel, visit the CONTACT page. 

Due to Covid-19, sessions are offered via Zoom or over the phone. Thank you for understanding! We will be together again soon!

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Covid-19 Update

Dear Ones, It is important at this time that we stay home to keep ourselves and others healthy. Until further notice, all sessions will be offered over the phone or video call using Zoom. I know that in-person sessions are special. I can assure you that remote sessions are equally accurate and healing, so give it a try! This allows me to help you when you need it while earning the income I need to support my family!  If you prefer to wait until we can meet in person I support you in that decision. Stay safe and healthy, and know that you are never alone. Your Angels and family on the other side are aware of your life and are doing everything they can to keep you safe. Much love, Rachel

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My Story

(Well....most of it)

       I am asked all the time when I knew I had the ability to communicate with Spirit. People also want to know how long I have been using this gift to help people. This recording is from the Des Moines Register's Storytellers Project, recorded at Hoyt Sherman Place on Oct. 29, 2019.  

     In this 12 minute video, I tell about what it was like to be a psychic child, navigating the pre-teen years as an intuitive, how I told Spirit to go away, and eventually how I embraced this weird, wonderful and holy life! 

Thank you for watching!

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