Talking with Spirit

There is more to our world than what we can see.


Welcome to Talking with Spirit!

Have you ever wanted to connect with loved ones who have passed?

Have you been curious about past lives and how they affect you now?

Would you like to know your very own Angels and guides? 

Let's meet!

One hour session: 75.00

Half hour session: 40.00

Group Reading Rates:

2-3 people: $100.00 per hour.

4 to 8 people: $175.00 per hour.

For larger groups, please contact me for pricing.

I accept PayPal,  credit card, or cash.

$10.00 off readings scheduled before February 26 (redeemable through April 2, 2017).

About Rachel

I have always been able to connect with my Angels, God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and those who have passed. I ignored my gift when I was growing up because I didn't want to be the weird kid. But, as my life went on, it became impossible for me to ignore my abilities and how they could help others find peace, happiness, and guidance. When I give readings I connect to my own Angels, my Grandma Margaret, and your team of Spirit to give you a reading that is honest and loving.

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Past lives

I know it can be hard to wrap your head around the idea that we have lived in other times and places before. Many of us were raised to believe that reincarnation was not real. But, if you're open to it, I will help you uncover who you have been, what choices you have made, what patterns you are repeating, who your loves ones were to you in the past, and (most importantly) how you can use this information to create a better life for yourself.

$60.00 per hour

Angels Around You

Angels are all around us. Your own Angels have been with you since before you were born and continue to love you unconditionally with every breath you take. Learn more about your very own Angels, how they are waiting to help you, and how they are making themselves present in your life. 

$60.00 per hour

Group Readings

I am available for group readings. This is a great opportunity to connect to Spirit alongside your friends and family! In person only, 2-3 people: $100.00 per hour.

4 or more people: $175.00 per hour.

Cost will vary and is created on a case by case basis.

Connecting to those who have died

When loved ones die we miss them. We no longer get to talk to them on the phone, hold their hand, share holidays, or look into their eyes. Losing someone we love is hard.  It can be comforting to know that we can still communicate with those who we have lost. If you would like to connect to someone you have lost, I would be honored to help you. 

$60.00 per hour

Oracle Card Readings

If you have never had an Oracle card reading, I highly suggest you have one. Using a deck of Oracle cards, I connect to my Angels to give you insight on what's been happening in your life, messages on what to do next, and empowering messages about your life purpose. 

$60.00 per hour

Helping people cross over into the Light

There are instances where people die but do not move on to the next stage in their soul's life, i.e. crossing over. This can be for many reasons... a death that surprised them, fear of hell, for example. Sometimes, when a person is stuck here, they bug the living. I often help the dead, especially children who have passed, walk into the light.  If this is happening to you, I can help. Most of the time there is no need to have a full session in order for me to do this. I usually need just a few minutes to gather some information and then I can go to work. This service is free of charge.

No cost.

End of life transitions

When you or someone you love is about to die, I can help the transition from this life to the light. Honestly, when you die, your Angels, loved ones, and your God will be there to walk with you. You do not always need another person to help. Sometimes, however, this service helps those who have a fear of dying or can be reassuring to family members who are worried about their loved ones at the time of death.  This special part of what I do helps the dying walk into the light when they reach the end of life. All are welcomed into the light, regardless of life choices. The cost of this service will vary and will be created on a case by case basis. No one in need of this service will be turned away due to inability to pay.

Cost will vary and is created on a case by case basis.